Mary Lou Fulton, program officer at The California Endowment, blogs about media ideas with a focus on foundation-supported efforts.

I’m a media optimist because I think there has never been a better time to create and shape the media we want and need.  I work at The California Endowment, the state’s largest health-focused foundation, where I am a program officer overseeing communications and media grants. Our strategy is focused on community health — all the elements of day-to-day life that affect your health far more than whether you have health insurance.

The community-based strategy of The Endowment feels like home to me, since I previously spent many years working in print and online community media. I’ve had many great jobs at newspapers (LA Times, The Bakersfield Californian) and digital media companies (AOL, and GeoCities — RIP).  My new job gives me a way to apply all I have learned, and am still learning, in figuring out how our media grants can best support better community health  as well as advance new ideas for how philanthropy can support new and traditional media.

Topics that interest me include:

  • Participatory media
  • Youth media
  • Community-based media
  • New models for traditional media
  • How networks affect social change
  • New ways to collaborate using technology
  • Pop culture and its effects on media

Got ideas or want to talk?  You can reach me at mfulton at calendow dot org

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